Mountain Dew, VFILES Team Up to Release a Wearable Tech

indexAhead of the weekend, MMW learned that Mountain Dew has agreed to a multi-year collaboration with creative-focused social networking, fashion and music platform VFILES “for the ultimate modern camouflage-meets-wearable-tech collection for Spring/Summer 2017 and beyond.”

The new collection, we’re told, highlights Mountain Dew and camouflage’s unique position at the cross-section between the new American Heartland and urban street-wear culture.

This partnership was formed by PepsiCo Creator, the company’s catalyst group on a mission to explore the edges of culture and co-create innovative experiences for PepsiCo North America Beverages.

“We are always looking to showcase the latest and greatest in technology and innovation, and this collaboration hones in on the next generation of smart clothing with the perfect partner, VFILES, to let our consumers feel the music and stay connected anywhere they go,” said Carlos Saavedra, Senior Director, Creator – Culture Strategy & Innovation. Added Ryan Collis, Senior Director of Marketing, Mountain Dew, “Both Mountain Dew and VFILES have a deep connection with youth culture and an unmatched heritage of pushing boundaries and instigating creativity, and this collection brings together multiple passion points – technology, music, camo, fashion – of the Dew Nation, who  will thoroughly enjoy Camo Out.”

Designed for both fashion and tech function, the collection “merges the thread between the great outdoors and the urban space, where anything and everything can happen and every turn is a new adventure.”

Reversing the role of camo, VFILES and Mountain Dew made this collection specifically for those who want to be seen, heard and stand out, elevating the moment and preparing for what excitement is to come.

MMW is told that each piece in the collection is complemented with the latest in wearable technology from track suits and jackets that play music, baseball caps with cameras to a solar-powered backpack. “This is the new guard, the class of the future: be seen, make noise, stand up and stand out,” a release to media reads.