First Look: Native Commerce Rolls Out ‘Native Commerce Media’

Native Commerce, a digital marketing and e-commerce company, is announcing today the launch of a new in-house digital media agency called ‘Native Commerce Media’.

Driven by demand for the e-commerce company’s “unique content marketing strategies” for its own consumer products, Native Commerce will open its data-backed branding and audience building solutions as a subsidiary agency.

Led by marketing veterans Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss and Keren Kang, Native Commerce Media will offer companies a full suite of digital marketing and branding services to increase organic online traffic and grow channels for monetization.

We’re told that the agency’s key services include content marketing, email marketing, social media, graphic design, web development, app development and sales funnel development.

“Native Commerce Media grew organically out of partners looking to mimic the success we’ve had with launching and scaling brands to great success – including securing partnerships with top ecommerce and affiliate  channels and other marquee distribution agreements,” said Perry Belcher, Co-founder and Principal of Native Commerce Media. “Our established network of 56 digital platforms with an audience cume of over 2.5 million, including Survival Life, DIY Projects and Makeup Tutorials, is a testament to our team’s expertise, which we look forward to bringing to both legacy and nascent brands.”