Zynga Confirms Acquisition of Mobile Gaming Startup Wild Needle

One of the biggest names in mobile gaming has purchased one of the new names in mobile gaming.

On Monday, word surfaced that Zynga purchased mobile games startup Wild Needle – the company behind Shoptown Hero for Apple’s mobile devices.

“We hear this was a talent-sized deal, which is in line with most Zynga acquisitions,” reports Tech Crunch.

“Zynga usually does smaller deals in the $5 to 20 million range for teams of game developers. But it has bumped up spending over the last year and a half…”

On the surface, Shoptown Hero looks like many of the casual sim games that were popular in early 2011 on iOS. In the game, players have to save a small town from a tycoon named Fat Ralph. They have to fill their stores with virtual goods and sell them. The twist is that they have to negotiate prices with customers to earn profits.

The financial terms behind the deal were not disclosed publicly.