Zumobi Creating Mobile Buzz in Partnership with Starbucks

With coffee in one hand and a mobile device in the other, this is how millions of Americans start their day every day.

And that’s exactly why Zumobi has partnered with java giant Starbucks for a more sophisticated mobile endeavor.

Zumobi today announced an extension to its partnership with Ology Inc., a social discovery and networking company, launching the site’s first app for Android devices.

And Starbucks is coming along for the ride.

Through a partnership with Starbucks, Ology has released their new app on the Zumobi Brand Integration (ZBi) platform. Now users can skim through headlines via their mobile device, while sipping their morning coffee.

The Ology Android app offers users a “steady stream of what’s trending and relevant on the Web across key interest categories that include music, film, fashion, politics, sports, TV and more.”

“We are thrilled that Android users can now access Ology directly from their smart phones,” said Ology CEO & Co-Founder Beth Haggerty. “The new Android mobile app provides the Ology experience in a quick and easy-to-view format.”

The Ology Android app is free and available to download to Android devices now. To check it out, click here.