Zoove Launches National Mobile Dial Code Registry, Ready To Take On Mobile Marketing

Zoove, the provider of branded “dial codes” — which aim to go above and beyond short codes in terms of technology and marketing potential — today announced the launch of the “National Mobile Dial Code Registry” and the general availability of StarStar Codes for brands and trademark holders.

StarStar Codes are branded mobile phone numbers that begin with “**,” such as “**BRAND,” and act much like short codes in terms of functionality, but aren’t limited to five digits.  With StarStar Codes, marketers can then interact with the consumer via content delivered to their phone such as a coupon, web page, picture or video, text message or application.  Callers can also be connected directly with a call center or IVR system, and many of these responses can be delivered in combination.  For example, callers can be greeted with a custom voice message and then sent to a web page on their phone to view product information, contact sales or request more information.

The company has already been leasing StarStar Codes to early adopters, and has even signed with Verizon to integrate its technology for mobile marketing campaigns.  With the launch of its registry, StarStar codes are now ready for prime time.  “As people are increasingly using mobile phones to find out about upcoming arts events, music shows or even to decide where to go next during a night out, being able to connect with consumers using a mobile phone is an increasingly important capability,” said Marci Weisler, Digital Business Director of Time Out North America. “Through our unique StarStar Code, **TONY, Zoove gives our users a really simple way to access and download our mobile application without searching and seeking, in a streamlined way. Quick access is important if the user needs information immediately to decide where to go. While other technologies have attempted to close this loop, Zoove’s StarStar Dialing is the first that allows us to secure easy to remember, branded Mobile Dial Codes.”

Through its national mobile dial code registry, brands can now secure the two- to twelve-digit number combination that best represents their brand.  The provisioning time is said to be 10 business days, which is far less than short codes, and many desirable codes should still be available, though they’re sure to go fast given it’s first come, first serve.  Whether you agree with the technology’s long-term viability, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and secure your brand’s StarStar code.  Early adopters have already shown huge success in using the platform for marketing potential, so it should be interesting to see what happens now that the registry is alive and kicking.

“Officially launching the National Mobile Dial Code Registry marks the introduction of our full range of services to brands and marketers,” said Tim Jemison, CEO of Zoove. “The value of a ubiquitous marketing platform that not only solicits a direct response from a consumer, but is also easy to remember and branded, is unlimited. We’ve had a great response from our preliminary testers and are excited to take these capabilities to the larger marketing community to fulfill the need for a branded direct response mobile marketing solution for their integrated campaigns.”