Zipcar Executive Says Mobile Rebirth is Underway

Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith got everyone’s attention this week during the CTIA MobileCon keynote.

If you’re not familiar, Zipcar is the name behind a hugely popular car-sharing service that now boasts of 730,000 members and 10,000 vehicles across some two dozen metropolitan markets.

Griffith came to the event to discuss the impact mobile technology has on transportation today. But during his remarks, Griffith also made an admission that has captured the interest of the mobile community.

“We used to think in terms of the browser,” Griffith told his audience. “Now we think in terms of mobile devices, mobile operating systems.”

Mobile now represents a majority of the company’s interactions, Griffith added, according to Venture Beat. “We used to think in terms of browsers. Now we think in terms of mobile apps.”

Today, Zipcar’s mobile application allows consumers to find, reserve, unlock, and end car reservations. In the near feature, the application will allow would-be customers to join the service through mobile by uploading a driver’s license photo and getting approved within minutes, Griffith said.

“Our story is linked directly to the growth of mobile networks,” he concluded.