Zavers Innovative Approach To Mobile Coupons

A new startup out of Kansas City, KS who calls itself a “digital incentive management company,” today launched a new intelligent incentive platform that allows manufacturers and advertisers to “instantly measure their marketing effectiveness by reporting which coupon promotions are actually leading to sales.”

In its simplest form, the new platform is a new-age mobile-coupon and incentive-management platform that adds several new layers of technology to help advertisers track and analyze each and every visitor from impression to redemption. 

The main ingredient is a new patent-pending technology called the Digital Incentive Management Engine (DIME).  This technology connects online and mobile advertising with promotional incentives that are processed at a retailer’s register.  The DIME platform allows Zavers to provide measurements well beyond advertising clicks and views, including which incentives from manufacturers and advertisers are leading to actual sales.

“In this difficult economy, consumers are increasingly looking to the Web to find coupons and discounts. Zavers allows consumers to save money without the hassle of clipping, filing, remembering and redeeming paper coupons,” said Thad Langford, president and CEO of Zavers. “With Zavers, consumers save money paperlessly, a process that is more convenient and eco-friendly. Additionally, only Zavers offers product manufacturers and advertisers a program that truly closes the digital loop, tying an offer to the actual sale in-store.”

In addition, Zavers offers retailers who want the ability to take advantage of the tremendous growth in electronic coupons a ready-to-install, software-based solution that can be introduced quickly and without the purchase of additional hardware.  Retailers can use Zavers’ system to enhance their consumer loyalty programs and streamline their coupon reimbursement processes. 

It seems as though Zavers is attempting to bolster the technology that analyzes and tracks visitors who use mobile coupons and other “digital incentives.”  This is a smart approach being that mobile-coupon platforms are being introduced at a rapid pace, but seem to lack the advanced tracking capabilities that should be apparent by today’s standards.