Zapp RideShare Plugs into MobileBridge for College Cause

Screen-shot-2015-08-19-at-7.36.50-AMMobileBridge, a leader in mobile engagement is teaming with Zapp RideShare Inc. to “revolutionize” green transportation on college campuses and urban settings nationwide.

“The effectiveness of customer engagement via mobile is of the utmost importance for companies operating in the extremely crowded ride share space,” said MobileBridge CEO Eyal Oster. “Zapp RideShare presents a product unique to its competition and we aim to connect users not only to that product, but to the local areas hosting a Zapp presence with mobile marketing initiatives available natively through our platform.”

Zapp’s company mission is to change the way people commute around cities, college campuses and tourist areas while reducing carbon emissions with economical, low speed, electric rental vehicles.

Zapp RideShare currently rents electric cycles, by the minute, half-hour, hour and more, and has plans of introducing new vehicles such as electric assisted bicycles and electric “jeep” style, 4 and 6 passenger vehicles in the near future.

All vehicles are connected by the T-Mobile network allowing them to communicate with the Zapp mobile app. Zapp currently has a presence on the University of South Carolina campus, the city of Columbia, SC, and is soon expanding to select hotels in Key West, FL.

“The end goal for marketing teams in the app-based ride share industry is to better engage potential customers via mobile and to provide those potential customers an incentive to utilize your product,” says Zapp RideShare CEO Frank Scozzafava. “The functionality that MobileBridge provides allows us to not only present fun facts and games to our users, but more importantly allows us to present our users with great deals on their everyday purchases. College students are on a budget and if they have an affordable transportation option in Zapp along with saving money by using relevant coupons in our Zapp app, we’ve done our job.”