YouTube Puts $200 Million Behind Premium Channels

YouTube is taking web-based entertainment to the next level.

This week, the Google-owned video sharing platform held a celebrity-packed gala for advertisers as it launched its $100 million in investments in new channels that will deliver premium entertainment.

According to AdAge, YouTube also unveiled a “$200 million campaign across Google’s Content Network to push those channels — meaning online ads promoting the nascent entertainment brands will start appearing in a big way.”

“We will fish where the fish are…and it’s a mighty big pond!” said Google VP-content Robert Kyncl. ” If you want to lead, join us now, as the next seven years will be a lot faster than the last. We can build audiences together. We can build brands together.”

“The web will be to cable TV what cable TV was to broadcast,” said Chris Hardwick, host of Nerdist channel.

The only question is: are entertainment consumers ready to dramatically divert their attention away from traditional forms of entertainment – like television and film – to concentrate more enthusiastically on web-based content? Only time will tell.

Are you looking forward to YouTube’s premium channels?