YouTube Changes Business as Usual on Mobile Advertising

Video sharing giant YouTube has reached a significant decision with regard to its position on mobile advertising and how users are exposed to mobile ads.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reports, YouTube introduced “a new kind of ad for its mobile site.” In short, the offering lets viewers decide whether or not to watch a particular video ad. As a result, advertisers are only charged if the ad is viewed.

This type of ad, which YouTube calls TrueView, has been available on computers since late 2010. It is well-suited for viewers using mobile devices, Google executives said, when they are often crunched for time and have little patience for unwanted interruptions.

“TrueView is really well-tuned toward small screens and the on-the-go user,” Jason Spero, a Google ad executive, tells the NYT, adding that people regularly watch the ads piped in through this user filtering platform.

“It’s a much better user experience where the user actually feels in control of their advertising in the same way they feel in control of their content,” Phil Farhi, group product manager for monetization at YouTube, contributes to the report. “And content creators are capable of earning more money in a more user-friendly format.”

So… are you more inclined to welcome mobile ads if the ones you’re going to look at were selected by you in the first place? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.