Your Chance To Give The MMA A Piece of Your Mind

I’ve always been a rabid proponent of public feedback. From a marketing perspective, it makes tremendous sense. A from a business standpoint, it’s even smarter. Today, within the world of mobile marketing, the public is being afforded an opportunity to have their voices heard loud and clear by a definitive authority in the industry: The Mobile Marketing Association. According to the MMA, they have “opened their global mobile advertising guidelines for public response.”

The set of global guidelines was announced in April of this year. This occasion, however, is the first public consultation since then. The process runs until the first week of September, with the new set of guidelines to be revealed in early October.

Changes to the guidelines since April include automatic resizing of mobile web banners, new formats for MMA messages and ad guidelines around mobile TV ads. These will now be scrutinized along with the original guidelines.

Laura Marriott, president of the MMA, said the guidelines were vital if growth is to occur. “We feel it’s important to open our mobile ad guidelines for public comment to ensure their acceptance across the wireless and ad industries, and to further the causes of industry standardization, best practice and positive consumer experience,” Marriott said.

I don’t know about you, but I now have plans for the weekend!