You’ll Want To Read This If You Read Business 2.0

This is an off-topic alert…

I do and I enjoy getting that magazine as I do any magazine that has some return value in the form of new knowledge for my bucket; provided I have time to read it and perhaps that’s where the problem lies for Business 2.0 and print in general. I just received my September issue today and although it’s a bit leaner it doesn’t have the look of a magazine that is terminating next Month but that’s exactly what’s being reported on Valleywag and Folio.

I’ve noticed that I have less and less time for reading print. This includes magazines and newspapers. 5 years ago I read 2 newspapers daily, now I’m lucky to get through the USA Today. Why? There’s too much information for me to sift through on-line which leaves me with little off-line time to read. If I’m going to read the paper then it’s going to be during lunch or it’s not going to happen.

Anyhow, I’d be bummed to see this one go because I still like getting a decent magazine or two. I can understand it though, I’ll bet it’s hard to sell the advertising with sites like TechCrunch pulling in 6ooK daily readers and rising. Why not just take an ad on TechCrunch if you’re one of the Fortune 500’s that’s currently buying full page ads in Business 2.0? I’ll bet the rates are better and it’s more than likely the audience you’d be after right? Oh and guess what else you get on-line? It’s much easier to measure performance and that’s really important.

I sent the editors an email asking if the rumors are true and they’ve not responded.