youAPPi Releases New Self-Service Mobile Monetization Solution

youAPPi Releases New Self-Service Mobile Monetization SolutionOn Tuesday, the team at youAPPi – an innovator in mobile application distribution and content monetization – announced the launch of a new self-service mobile monetization solution for publishers.

The solution, we’re told, is designed to “enrich mobile publisher content” and add an additional revenue stream to supplement advertising dollars that is easy and efficient for publishers to implement.

With the new service, mobile publishers can embed a short code to their mobile site that automatically adds an additional revenue stream to monetize mobile traffic. The solution recommends mobile apps that are personalized to each user based on content they are reading. Users have proven to engage longer on mobile sites when relevant, personalized mobile apps are served to them.

The new service from youAPPi requires publishers to choose between two type of widgets – the SmartAPP and SmartStore widgets.

The SmartAPP widget recommends personalized content-related apps embedded in the publishers’ content and the SmartStore full page widget recommends apps unique for each user that is featured as a full, added-value content section.  Publishers need only to add the code to their mobile asset (mobile web site and/or mobile app). The self-service is designed to make monetizing the mobile content easy for large and small mobile sites alike.

“We strongly believe that all the different aspects of the mobile advertising ecosystem need to work together to monetize effectively. youAPPi’s new service for publishers is designed to supplement mobile advertising and maximize mobile revenue intake,” says Moshe Vaknin, CEO of youAPPi.

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