YouAppi Finds Seasonal Trends with Mobile Travel Apps

introYouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, has found that there is a “tremendous variance” in the download of travel apps according to country, region and season.

This data is based on campaigns for 45 leading international travel apps running in 62 countries including Expedia,, Lyft, Gett and Yandex Taxi.

“Summer may be high season for travel but it’s not the high season for app downloads in the US and Asia, according to research from YouAppi,” the report summary shared with MMW reads. “In the US, travel app downloads peak in November – January, while in Asia, travel app downloads peak between September – November. Only in Europe do travel app downloads actual peak in the summer – June, July and August.”

There are a number of reasons explaining this data. First, according to the Department of Transportation, in the US, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday period are among the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year. The Chinese New Year, an important holiday for traveling, undoubtedly contributed to the surge in travel app usage in November in Asia. Second, though summer is the peak traveling season, most trips are planned in advance and travel apps have been enhancing their functionality and usability in order to make them indispensable to travelers year-round. Among Americans, the winter months are also peak seasons for travel to southern destinations like Florida and the Caribbean.

Want to know more? Check out the visual shared below.