Yieldmo Expands Lead as the Largest Independent Mobile Marketplace in the U.S.

Yieldmo is growing like a weed. That’s the big news today from the company, which is touting its growth in an announcement emailed to MMW.

Recently forged partnerships with publishers such as Intermarkets and tronc have furthered Yieldmo’s lead as “the largest independent mobile marketplace in the U.S.”

Yieldmo says its premium inventory is now comprised of more than 1,400 of the top mobile destinations that span e-commerce, sports, news, lifestyle and entertainment.

According to comScore, Yieldmo has a verified actual reach of more than 141 million unique mobile visitors – roughly 80% of the addressable market in the U.S.

“As a Publisher, Yieldmo provides a mobile solution to let us create a truly engaging ad experience,” said Victor Lim, Director of Strategy at tronc. “As we rethink the future of a consumer-first experience on our sites, Yieldmo provides advertising that doesn’t disrupt but instead complements our content.”