Yet Another Reason to Embrace Mobile Marketing

While the rate of engagement with mobile ads grows stronger with each passing year, online display ads are having an opposite experience, according to a new report from comScore.

The latest data shows that 54% of online display ads shown in thousands of campaigns measured by comScore between May 2012 and February of 2013 “weren’t seen by anyone.”

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal highlighted the findings of comScore’s new report.

Don’t confuse “weren’t seen” with “ignored.” These ads simply weren’t seen, the result of technical glitches, user habits and fraud.

“The finding implies that billions of marketing dollars are being poured down a digital drain,” the report reads. “Last year, $14 billion was spent on online display advertising, estimates eMarketer, 40% of all online ad spending.”

For clarification, comScore defines an ad as being “visible” when at least 50% of the ad is visible for at least one second on a traditional laptop or computer. The study’s findings do not include smartphone or tablet ads, which can be much more difficult to overlook or ignore.

As a result, mobile marketing efforts and mobile ad spend are poised to accelerate aggressively in the coming years.

“Mobile ad spending will jump from an estimated $7.7 billion this year to $28 billion in four years, nipping at the heels of traditional Web spending,” writes Mark Walsh of Online Media Daily. “In 2013 alone, mobile will spike 75% compared to just 6% for the desktop as publishers look to shift ad dollars to mobile devices and advertisers growing m-commerce sales.”