Yes, It’s Legal: Company Launches Mobile Display Ads for Attorneys Service

Programmatic Ad Software Solutions Provider Announces PreVidLong gone are the days when attorneys, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and others refrained from what was once considering the sullying business of advertising.

In fact, every business — except those legally enjoined by law from marketing (cigarette companies are one example) — today has an advertising strategy.

Now comes word that lawyers will get a boost from BusinessCreator, Inc., an established leader in digital marketing for attorneys. The company has announced its launch of a new mobile display advertising platform called “Mobile Display Ads Service.” The service wants “to place attorneys when and where their next client is searching.”

“Location is an important component of any law firms’ digital marketing strategy,” said BusinessCreator, Inc. President Edward Kundahl. ”We have the most advanced location based mobile advertising solution powered by geo-grid data.”

“We leverage location data, predictive intelligence, and real time mobile ad serving technologies into a best in class platform so Personal Injury Lawyers can optimize advertising with real time location intelligence.  Location-based mobile tactics generated a 20-40 percent upside to overall ROI for advertisers that participated in a study done by the Mobile Marketing Association,” Kundahl added.

The company, founded in 1994, was to be as precise with its work as … well … an attorney.

“Our data is precise up to 100 meters for behavioral targeting and pinpoint precision for instant targeting,” explained Kundahl. “Using latitude and longitude data is a dramatically more accurate method of targeting than traditional GEO-IP targeting which in turn results in more efficient and higher performing campaigns. The net result is your mobile ad appears on top of mobile apps and mobile websites – only in the locations you choose.  We can target those patients and family members waiting in a hospital emergency or waiting room that are using their mobile device.”