Yes, Beacons Bestow Benefits: Retailers Can Understand the Consumer Journey

Yes, Beacons Bestow Benefits Retailers Can Understand the Consumer JourneyRetailers have been quicker than other firms to implement internet of things (IoT) devices and applications, but what about beacons?

Those are still catching on, according to Retail TouchPoints. A mere 29 percent of retailers surveyed worldwide by the research company say they have implemented beacon technology in their retail stores.

Yet other studies peg the adoption rate even lower.

But what do we know about beacons for certain?

“One trend that holds is that retailers that have adopted beacons are satisfied with them,” reports eMarketer.

In fact, retailers included in the Retail TouchPoints poll who had implemented beacons in-store cited a number of benefits from the new technology.

“More than seven in 10 said they were able to track and understand how consumers moved through the store and selected items for purchase because of beacons. Around two-thirds said beacons let them track customers down to the aisle level,” noted eMarketer. “A majority also believed beacons made shoppers more engaged in stores, and helped them to create better, more relevant offers.”

It could be a sign of times to come.

“According to IDG Enterprises, a plurality (36 percent) of IT professionals in North America report they plan to hold investments in beacons steady over the next year — in addition to the 30 percent who have no plans at all. In the Retail TouchPoints survey, 17 percent of respondents said they had some plans to add beacons.”

More beacons, more information, more sales? If retail ever needed a beacon boost, the time is now.