Yellowbook, Milo Create Double Dose Of LBS

A yellow pages-like directory of local businesses. A way to find out which of those businesses have sought-out products in stock. Respectively, Yellowbook and aim to offer a hyper-local and hyper-convenience shopping experience.

Yellowbook’s local search capability–now powered by–lets shoppers quickly locate where a product is currently available for purchase, and also compare prices from different local retailers. And the barcode-scanning feature of Yellowbook’s Android app (soon there will be an app for iPhones and iPads) enables users to scan a product’s barcode to get local availability and pricing information. provides all of the details needed to decide which product to buy and where it’s currently in-stock.

While and Yellowbook started out as (and still are) online products and services for PCs, they show savvy by joining forces and creating a mobile solution for consumers who want to get their shopping done while they are out-and-about–and thus need to find out product and store information instantly, via their phones. After all, mobile marketing’s strength is the sense of immediacy it generates, whether it’s an SMS coupon or sales announcement or the ability to learn of a store or brand promotion.

“We’ve also integrated’s capabilities into, bringing an expanding databank of over 50,000 stores and 3 million locally available products to our 30 million monthly network users,” Mike Wilson, vice president and general manager of digital media at Yellowbook, said in a release.

“We look forward to bringing those [ network users] an added level of convenience and local resources while online or on-the-go,” Jack Abraham, founder and CEO of, said in the release.