Yahoo Wasting No Time in Renewed Mobile Advertising Efforts

Yahoo Wasting No Time in Renewed Mobile Advertising EffortsYahoo has endured its share of ups and downs in recent years, but mobile has illuminated the path to renewed prosperity.

This week, Yahoo took its latest efforts to the next level by rolling out the product of its partnership with Mocean Mobile, a mobile technology ad-serving platform.

Mocean Mobile is now pushing forward with its Mocean Mobile Marketplace, a premium mobile ad marketplace powered by the Yahoo Ad Exchange.
From the official release:

Mocean Mobile will work with Yahoo to help advertisers and publishers efficiently buy and sell premium mobile inventory — with Yahoo’s unified platform, advanced targeting capabilities and real-time bidding at scale.

Mocean Mobile brings top tier publishers reaching over one billion mobile devices to the Yahoo Ad Exchange. Combined with Yahoo’s existing mobile offerings, advertisers can now target one of the largest mobile audiences globally, across quality content and with the latest creative and native formats.

“We want to help publishers maximize revenue and advertisers target mobile campaigns based on our audience insights – and our work with Mocean Mobile combines Yahoo’s scale, efficiency, publisher controls, and data with their high-quality mobile inventory to do just that,” boasts Brian Silver, Vice President of Ad Platforms for the Americas at Yahoo. “Following our launch of the Yahoo Ad Exchange at CES, we have moved quickly to integrate with premium partners and make it easy to create mobile campaigns with the precise targeting of real-time programmatic buying, all in a single platform.”