Yahoo! Unveils New Mobile Marketing Posture


Yahoo! Is behind a new venture to help bolster its online presence in the mobile realm.

They have created a “browser-based web portal for mobile phones” called Yahoo! Mobile, which will be available for more than 300 handsets (including the iPhone).

It’s function? To serve as a “handy launching pad from which users can access news, search, email and Facebook all from the same place.”

Essentially, the portal will be an all-encompassing hub that can gather a range of other services tailored to the user’s preferences. In other words, The Yahoo! Mobile portal will be “fully customizable,” and give users the ability to organize and arrange their content and info in a manner suited for their unique tastes.

The platform can be optimized for News Delivery, email accounts or social networks depending on the user’s preferences.

Needless to say, if Yahoo! Mobile is a hit, its potential for growth as a weapon in mobile marketing’s arsenal is enormous.

“With some of the highest quality inventory available and a highly-engaged user base, Yahoo! is focussed on creating scale for advertisers by helping them reach their targeted audience wherever they are,” stated a Yahoo! spokesperson in the official release.