Yahoo Taps New Leadership to Manage Mobile Ad Product Innovation

Yahoo Taps New Leadership to Manage Ad Product InnovationYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer continues to shake things up at Yahoo.

Following the Internet company’s high profile 2014 acquisition of Flurry — a  mobile ad network and prominent analytics company — Yahoo is getting its money’s worth out of Flurry by putting its talent to work.

Ahead of the weekend, a series of reports confirmed the installation of Prashant Fuloria, Flurry’s head of product, as the new Senior Vice President of ad products at Yahoo.

It should be noted that Yahoo didn’t issue a press release regarding the appointment. The Wall Street Journal obtained an internal memo confirming the new leadership.

Fuloria will be tasked with bringing Yahoo’s various ad offerings, including its “Gemini” service for buying native and mobile ads, and its newly-acquired Brightroll video ad service, together into one cohesive unit, according to the memo. Scott Burke, a Yahoo veteran who previously ran ad technology, and Brightroll founder Tod Sacerdoti will both report to Fuloria.

“We’re aligning our product teams to better execute our revenue goals,” a quote from Mayer’s memo reads.