Yahoo Launches Mobile Voice Search…In Asia

Yahoo is trying to make a splash in other countries as well when it comes to mobile innovation and search. They’ve already made huge strides in the US in getting their search and subsequent marketing services at the forefront of mobile, and as the first point of entry via mobile devices.

The company is now using Southeast Asia as a testing bed for development, with its latest move being the launch of voice search for users in the Philippines. Voice search is the latest addition to its Yahoo One Search feature that’s already available on all the local wireless carriers including Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular networks.

As the name implies, the new Voice Search feature will let users search the Yahoo! database by merely saying their search queries through their WAP-enabled phones. Not that it’s the most amazing feature that’s come along, but in Yahoo’s plan to dominate the mobile marketing game, it’s a good step forward in getting users searching via mobile- the most important first step for Yahoo.

Yahoo has claimed its WAP site for the Philippines is getting more than 629,000 unique users a month, averaging 135 page views per user. Yahoo is obviously trying anything it can to add to these numbers, and voice search might be the answer. I don’t know why they didn’t try it in the US market, but I suppose the Asian market has always proved to be a better testing ground for mobile technologies than anywhere else.