Yahoo Buys TV Tagging Startup IntoNow After Just Twelve Weeks

Just twelve weeks ago, IntoNow launched as a startup pinning its hopes to a new iPhone app that tags television programs and allows TV watchers to “check in” to content as they’re watching it on the tube.

The app in question is widely regarded as the TV-equivalent of Shazam, the popular mobile application capable of identifying the song that you’re playing or listening to on the radio.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has already gobbled up the new firm for an estimated $13 million.

If you do the math, IntoNow gained better than $1 million in its total valuation in each week it has existed. Not too shabby.

“When we launched on January 31, 2011,” IntoNow’s partners stated on the company’s official blog, “our idea was to change the way people interact with TV. What we believe is that the devices we have in our lives are going to fundamentally change the way we consume, share and engage with content, and advertisers.”

“Yahoo! has shown us that they are excited about what we’re doing and committed to continue innovating for our community,” the team added. “Most importantly we want to thank you for helping us continue to create something innovative, fun and engaging.”