Yahoo Borrows Designs from Facebook, Pinterest in Flickr Facelift

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has just announced a hefty new facelift for Flickr.

“Photos tell the stories — stories we’re inspired to relive, share with our friends, or capture simply to express ourselves,” Mayer writes on the Yahoo Tumblr blog. “Collecting these moments is a part of our everyday.”

This “everyday” experience just got a little prettier and more spacious.

When it comes to photography, technology and its limits shouldn’t hinder the experience. So we’re also giving our Flickr users one terabyte of space — for free. That’s enough for a lifetime of photos — more than 500,000 original, full-resolution, pixel-perfect, brilliant photos. Flickr users will never have to worry about running out of space.

And then there’s the new desktop design.

Although Yahoo didn’t mention the obvious, the redesign certainly appears to borrow some design elements from Facebook and Pinterest (see the image to the right for reference.)

“Flickr’s stunning new desktop design puts photos at the heart of the experience,” Mayer says. “Built around a new photostream that gives you a vivid and endlessly scrolling gallery, it’s easy to see what your friends are posting and what they’re saying about your photos. And because Flickr has always been about exploring photographs from users around the world, we’ve also created a new slideshow that displays the most spectacular Flickr photos in gorgeous full-screen.”

Are you pleased with the Flickr updates announced this week?