Ya Hear That, Marketers? Consumers Are ‘More Motivated by Loyalty Programs than Ever Before’

Bond Brand Loyalty 2015 Loyalty ReportMMW was briefed on Tuesday by the team at Bond Brand Loyalty about their newest report — a report showing that loyalty programs are white hot and only growing hotter.

According to the report summary shared, enrollment levels in consumer loyalty programs have reached an all-time high. The reason? Now more than ever, we’re told, consumers continue to consider them valuable and credit them with influencing shopping behavior.

According to the results of the group’s survey (which engaged more than 10,000 consumers), one-third of consumers agree they would not be loyal to the brand if it were not for a loyalty program, and 70 percent of consumers modify when and where they shop to maximize points, up 13 percent over the past two years.

In addition, loyalty programs were found to be a top contributor to brand loyalty, ranking higher than factors such as product and service availability, overall price, and communications from the brand.

“Brands with established loyalty programs now must make the shift to the future of loyalty and an experience-based model that is consistent with the overall brand,” said Bob Macdonald, president and CEO of Bond Brand Loyalty. “It’s more important than ever that companies focus on their best customers, and their data, to design a more personalized and authentic experience, which can help build stronger, more meaningful bonds with customers.”