XY7 Now Offering Mobile-Based Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for quite some time now, but lately I’ve been discouraged with the lack of available inventory for mobile content sites, WAP portals and other mobile-centric properties.

As purely mobile-based sites gain in popularity, the need for site and content owners to be able to monetize their content becomes more important.  Traditional affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction, LinkShare and others have been slow to adopt mobile-only ad-inventory since it differs so greatly from traditional online inventory.

One network, the “XY7 Network,” is setting out to change this by announcing they are now the only affiliate network to have a dedicated division of WAP deals and other mobile-ad inventory for their mobile phone portal-owners and publishers.

The Las Vegas-based XY7 affiliate network differs from others in the fact that it’s the only performance-based network offering performance-based advertising in seven different media verticals in addition to a dedicated division for mobile-based advertising.

When most people think about mobile marketing, they usually think about SMS or direct placement networks such as AdMob, but many tend to forget that affiliate marketing also plays a huge role in mobile as it does in traditional online advertising.  Now, we just need more networks like XY7 to start offering dedicated services intended for the mobile-based affiliate marketer.