XIUS Awarded NFC Patent by USPTO

XIUS Awarded NFC Patent by USPTOXIUS, a leader in innovative, revenue-generating solutions for mobile operators, banks, and financial institutions worldwide, announced the award of its patent in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The patent was filed in February 2010 and was awarded by the US Patent Trademark Office this July.

As people put more trust in the use of mobile phones for payment, mobile wallets are creating new market opportunities. XIUS mobile payments solution is powered by NFC and other technologies. The solution taps into the existing mobile ecosystem and extends banking services to the unbanked and under-banked segments of the population that banks are otherwise challenged to penetrate.

NFC technology allows retailers and brands to engage with mobile consumers, improve in-store experiences, enable touch and go payments, generate more sales, and enhance customer loyalty and trust.

XIUS NFC-based payment solution also delivers control of purchase flow to the merchant.

As of this writing, XIUS mobile payments solutions manage over $1 billion worth of payment transactions monthly and the mobile infrastructure solutions process and manage in excess of 350 million calls a day.