Xaxis Sync Brings Cross-Platform Marketing Opportunities to Asia

Xaxis Sync Brings Cross-Platform Marketing Opportunities to AsiaMobile devices have become so ingrained in our daily lives that they are used just as frequently at home — if not more — than when on the go. Even while unwinding in front of the TV, most individuals have their smartphone or tablet nearby to play games, check social media and email, or browse the web.

It is for this reason that many forms of cross-platform marketing have been developed in hopes of creating a cohesive marketing and branding message across all channels. In a recent announcement, Xaxis shared the expanded launch of Xaxis Sync throughout the Asia-Pacific market.

Xaxis is currently the largest programmatic media and technology platform in the world, and their innovative Xaxis Sync technology offers programmatic advertising that is coordinated with the TV commercials the consumer is watching at home.

This way, when consumers browse the web during commercial breaks, they will receive a double dose of advertising from the same brands and businesses at the same time. Xaxis Sync initially rolled out in Europe and the US with great success, and is expected to deliver the same results in the Asia-Pacific market.

“Television viewing is an increasingly multi-screen affair as the number of global consumers watching television with one or more companion devices continues to grow,” said Brian Lesser, Global CEO of Xaxis. “Xaxis Sync meets consumers where they are, bringing the reach and accuracy of real-time programmatic to second-screen advertising across the most trafficked apps, mobile properties and websites.”