WWE Fans Flock to Mobile for Controversial New eBook About Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels

With stats showing that today’s wrestling fans are more plugged into mobile devices and platforms than fans of any other professional sport, it should come as no surprise that the most controversial pro wrestling book to be released in 2012 comes as an exclusive eBook from Sports Entertainment publishing.

On Wednesday, author Charles Taylor told Mobile Marketing Watch that his new book – “Inside The Montreal Screw Job: Who Really Got Screwed in the WWE?” – will be released exclusively on tablets, mobile devices, and e-readers through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you’re not familiar, the “Montreal Screwjob” refers to a controversial real life professional wrestling event in which WWE owner Vince McMahon double-crossed champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart during the main event with Shawn Michaels at the 1997 Survivor Series.

“Today,” the author says, “Bret Hart has finally made peace with Shawn Michaels. The same goes for Vince McMahon. And, by most accounts, all parties involved have moved forward in their lives. Hart and Michaels are now retired WWE Hall of Famers. But our collective memories refuse to relinquish images from that night in Montreal. And perhaps there’s a reason why. With everyone from Earl Heber (the referee in Montreal back at the 1997 event) to a growing number of former WWE employees now saying publicly that they think Montreal was a ‘work,’ what better time than now to really explore that possibility?”

Sports Entertainment Publishing hopes that by releasing the book exclusively in electronic format, the title can be continuously updated and revised in the coming months at years – at no charge to the book owner – so that the controversy can continue to be explored.

“This probably isn’t something WWE wants you to read,” Taylor says. “It wasn’t written by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the company in any way. If Montreal was a ‘work,’ they certainly wouldn’t tell me or anyone else. Vince McMahon has done well for himself off of the screwjob. And fans love it!”

“Inside The Montreal Screw Job: Who Really Got Screwed in the WWE?” is available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.