WSJ: Google May Be Preparing Revolutionary Smartwatch

Following Sony’s recent smartwatch unveiling and persistent rumors of a forthcoming Apple offering of a similar product, Google doesn’t want to be left out of what could be a hot new product category in the very near future.

According to The Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with Google’s console and watch plans reveal that the tech giant is preparing the release of both an Android-based smartwatch as well as a dedicated game console.

The effort is likely meant to help counter Apple’s anticipated entry into both wearable gadgets and the living room. A number of sources speculate that the company could open up the APIs on the Apple TV to allow it to function as a gaming device. Most recently, in fact, Apple began working with Logitech and Moga on gaming controllers that are seemingly compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.
With revenue from the mobile gaming segment being several times that of portable consoles from traditional gaming giants such as Nintendo and Sony, Google’s interest in this area isn’t a surprise. Best of all for Google, the Android operating system already powers three-quarters of all smartphones shipped worldwide with 56.5% of shipped tablets to boot.

As of right now, Google is said to be developing both the console and the watch device within its own Google X hardware unit, separate from Motorola, which Google acquired n 2012.

In addition to the console and watch, the search giant is also working on the next version of Android, likely to debut as version 5.0 and carry the name Key Lime Pie.