Would you like mobile with that?

When I spoke earlier this month at the Thin Air Summit, a cutting-edge, new media conference in Denver, I was the only speaker focused on mobile. I shared with that audience that mobile is not just part of new media, it IS the new media.

Just this week I was talking with a colleague about a worldwide philanthropic/social networking promotion for which mobile would be a perfect marketing and promotion tool. When I asked if they had a mobile component they did the proverbial slap on the forehead. I’m happy to share that I’m being brought onto the team for that project to get mobile incorporated.

These incidents have got me thinking. These are two perfect examples where, to us in the industry, it is obvious that mobile fits perfectly yet it might have been overlooked.

Right now, mobile is the French fries of marketing. We have to ask “Would you like mobile with that?” and get people using it. We have to find situations where marketing or promotion is already underway and get mobile added on. The people in charge of these projects are likely to be open to adding on something that might make their campaign work better.

We just have to be patient a little longer and pretty soon mobile will be the meal not the side dish.

Where are you working to get mobile added to the mix? Have you upsold mobile into a project?