Word To The ATL

Ludacris and Soulja Boy Tell’em fans, memorize this number: 66937.

That’s the short code to which you need to send the keyword ATTLUDA. When you do so, you’ll get a mobile ticket letting two people into a free concert the hiphop artists are putting on 8 p.m. Saturday at the Tabernacle in Atlanta! It’s all part of AT&T’s “‘Unofficial’ 2008 SEC Football Championship Afterparty.” Even those not in the ATL can still text-in so that they can view exclusive concert footage when it becomes available.

I’m guessing video viewership is also a consolation prize for those left out in the cold. -Tickets will be delivered via SMS by Wednesday; the first 1000 fans in line Saturday will get into the show.

From what I can tell, the promoters just sent out press releases to media outlets everywhere. I’m wondering if there were other multi-channel components at play–you know, ads on Atlanta-area billboards, or commercials on pertinent (music, sports) TV or radio programs. Or is it true that big-name hiphop artists don’t need but one or two channels?