Women and Children Abandoning Ship on Apple?

Women and Children Abandoning Ship on AppleWomen (in particular, moms) and children are losing interest in Apple and its products.

That’s according to a new report from Forbes that is generating substantial buzz today.

“Apple has lost some of its luster,” explains Jeff Fromm, a Barkley’s marketing executive. “It is likely a result of a few factors. When Apple brought out the iPhone 5, none of the chargers and adjacent products would ‘fit,’ which was a frustration as it forced consumers to re-purchase these items. Further, Apple has not embraced the level of transparency that some leading brands use to connect with today’s demanding consumers.”

Notwithstanding the fact that Apple remains firmly entrenched in the top 25 global brands among all consumers, there are demographics that continue to show increasing weakness when it comes to Apple-related fervor.

This emerging dissatisfaction “is largely concentrated in children and moms.”

Excluding the iPad, all of the major Apple brands, including iPhone and the iPod, are fading among children, according to Smarty Pants’ Young Love study, which is the nation’s largest survey of brands among those ages 6-12.

All told, moms are just not into Apple products like they used to be either.

“Not only is their appreciation for the iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch declining (down 17, 8, and 15 points, respectively on Smarty Pants’ survey from 2013 and 2012), their opinion of the iPad is also down for the first time, falling 9 points year-over-year,” Forbes reports.

So what’s the cause of this dissatisfaction?

“Apple’s last game-changing product hit the shelves three years ago, an eternity in today’s tech market,” the publication deduces, pointing a clear finger of blame toward a lack of innovation on the part of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.