Wishing for Mobile Marketing

Do you find that you wish your favorite places would offer mobile marketing? I do. Maybe because I know what is possible technology-wise I now want it everywhere.

Wishing on mobile marketingFirst of my list is loyalty programs. I am so sick and tired of carrying around a huge pile of buy 10 get one free cards and get a rebate back on your purchases numbers that I am about to chuck them all out just to downsize my wallet. I am ready for all this to be mobilized. All I want to have is my phone and let it track all of that for me.

Next up is entertainment while I wait. When I am watching the local business marketing slide show before the previews start at the movie theater I want to be using my cell phone to interact with the screen. Make those trivia questions interactive so I can vote to the screen and see how I did compared to everyone else in the audience. Let me get a coupon from the restaurant in the same shopping center so after the movie I can save a few bucks on dinner without having to drive anywhere.

Lastly, I so wish every website I go to on my mobile browser would give me a mobile site. Yesterday I needed to know a phone number and store hours. I was driving across town hoping to make it in before the store closed and wishing desperately I could call to find out if the item I wanted was in stock before I burned up the gas to get there. The website was useless. It choked my phone and wouldn’t even let me click on the contact us button. That is just unacceptable.

What do your customers wish you would offer via mobile? Do you know?