Windows Mobile Marketplace To Have 600+ Apps At Launch

Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of its Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store later this year, and some new details have emerged as to how it will all play out.

Coinciding with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, the new Marketplace for Mobile will debut with over 600 apps available from day one.  Although there are thousands of Windows Mobile-based applications already available, Microsoft says only a small percentage have made it through the selection process to be available via the Marketplace at launch.

Like other app stores, the Windows Marketplace will feature both paid and free apps, but in addition to offering credit card payments for premium apps, operator-based billing will also be offered- meaning users can purchase apps and pay for them on their cell phone bill.  Users will also have the option of returning the app within 24 hours of purchase if they’re not satisfied, a feature that will likely find its way into other app stores in the future.

According to Microsoft, Windows Marketplace for Mobile will debut in 29 countries at first.  The storefront promises developers 70 percent of all revenues as well as transparency throughout the certification process.  Developers will also have the option to set their own prices in each market, enabling them to maximize their revenues based on targeted pricing strategies.  Microsoft is slated to begin accepting Windows Marketplace for Mobile application submissions later this summer, with the initial launch of the marketplace slated for this Fall.