Windows Brings Mobile Innovation to the Driver's Seat

Windows Brings Mobile Innovation to the Driver's SeatJust a few weeks removed from Apple’s high-profile unveiling of CarPlay, Microsoft is forging ahead in the same service category with something called “Windows in the Car.”

Not as headline-worthy as last week’s unveiling of Cortana and other cool bells and whistles attached to Windows 8.1, Microsoft also used its Build conference as a platform to show off the basic concept for “Windows in the Car.”

However, no release date, pricing, or auto manufacturer partnerships have been announced yet.

According to Jon Fingas of Engadget, the service adapts Windows Phone’s apps and other key functions to in-car interfaces.

The MirrorLink-based tech ‘looks like a cross between Microsoft’s mobile and desktop interfaces; while you’re running mobile apps, they get more on-screen buttons than usual to help you complete tasks faster and keep your eyes on the road,” he writes.

The software also makes possible voice commands from Cortana, Microsoft’s new, long-awaited virtual assistant.