Windows 8 Ecosystem Could Rattle iOS, Android Dominance

Microsoft isn’t playing around with Windows 8. On Monday, at the start of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft Vice President and Windows CFO Tami Reller revealed that Windows 8 will launch in late October 2012.

“Windows 8 is on track to RTM the first week of August,” said Reller. “And Windows 8 will reach general availability at the end of October… Windows 8 is the most-tested operating system ever, [And] the wait is almost over.”

In other words, Windows 8 – and the smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers it powers – will roll out just as Apple drops iOS 6, the new iPhone, and possibly even the iPad mini.

With no shortage of Android updates and new products also scheduled for release before the end of 2012, it’s clear that Microsoft is looking to upset the Apple-cart – and Android-cart – this fall by rolling out a comprehensive new landscape of Windows 8-powered devices.

“There’s no denying that Microsoft is going for broke this October,” independent business analyst and tech news veteran Mike Randazzo tells Mobile Marketing Watch. “Windows 8 was designed to better compete with iOS and Android. And I think it will do just that.”

“Microsoft,” Randazzo adds,”has created a refreshing Windows 8 ecosystem that encompasses a number of products in different categories – two of which (tablets and smartphones) are areas where Microsoft hasn’t been able to successfully compete with iOS and Android before. Microsoft’s new strategy is evidently designed to suck in users through the Windows 8 gateway. If you like Windows 8 on your desktop, you’ll also love it on a tablet or your smartphone. The integration across product lines will be critical to Microsoft’s anticipated success. And I think the success will come at a major loss for Android and iOS.”

Are you excited for Windows 8? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below if you plan to stray from iOS or Android territory to see what Windows 8 can offer.