William Morris to Launch Agency 3.0

In one of the more baffling news items I’ve encountered in quite some time, it seems that legendary Hollywood talent firm the William Morris Agency, along with Peter Adderton, founder of both Boost Mobile and Amp’d Mobile, and a team of “digital media experts” have partnered to launch Agency 3.0, a designated mobile one-stop-shop designed to “serve clients in the new world of mobility, convergence and digital entertainment.”

What does that mean? I have no clue. And judging from the vague press release that accompanied the formal announcement, I’m not so sure the folks at William Morris know for sure either. But no matter the scope of this intriguing mobile endeavor, it certainly has people talking, especially in new circles previously unfamiliar with the mobile marketing channel.

“There’s a whole new world in the marketing, distribution and monetization of digital media, with unique demands for new approaches to both design and implementation,” said Jim Wiatt, chairman/CEO of WMA. “Peter and the team we have assembled at Agency 3.0 are the best there are in recognizing trends and creating digital businesses ahead of the curve. We recently announced a digital media venture fund and now with Agency 3.0, we’ll be providing services as well as making investments in this sector.”

As it stands, Agency 3.0 will work alongside WMA’s Consulting and Digital Groups to cherry pick projects that may benefit from the groups’ shared knowledge and relationships. Ownership of Agency 3.0 is shared among WMA, Adderton and the other principals on the senior executive team.