Will YouTube Soon Be in the Business of Paid Subscriptions?

According to rumors that recently began swirling around the popular Google-owned video sharing service, YouTube will soon plunge into a more aggressive business model, which will ramp up YouTube’s reliance upon paid ads to bolster revenue.

Reuters was the first to report that YouTube is “exploring selling subscriptions to access to some of its video offerings, potentially providing a way for certain cable channels to be available outside the traditional ‘bundles’ offered by cable network providers.”

That admission, incredibly enough, comes directly from YouTube’s CEO Salar Kamangar, who proved to be surprisingly candid at the Reuters Media and Technology Summit on Thursday.

“We don’t have anything to announce now. It is something that’s really important to a lot of our top existing content creators as well as ones that aren’t on YouTube today, so we’re taking very seriously and we’re thinking about it very carefully,” he said.

YouTube is also considering making some of the original video programs featured on recently-launched YouTube “channels” available for a fee.

YouTube is currently the world’s top video website, which isn’t hard to believe considering its 4 billion daily video streams.