Will the Superbowl have decent mobile this year?

As the 2009 Super Bowl approaches I get ready to watch the one TV experience where I watch for the commercials and go to the bathroom during the actual content. I am not a sports fan and truly could care less about the game itself. But I am an avid Superbowl commercial fan. Seeing the latest and greatest campaigns in the highest cost venue is so exciting.

This year I plan to watch the game with my trusty Treo by my side ready to participate in dozens of mobile-focused campaigns. I plan to text in to every campaign and jump right onto every mobile site that is offered. Hopefully, this year I actually get to do that.

You see last year I was ready for the same thing, but my phone just sat there. It was an entirely un-mobile Superbowl last year and I was disappointed.

Maybe the Blumo offer of a free mobile marketing campaign will spark enough interest. Or maybe the advertisers will see that spending millions of dollars for 30 seconds of brand awareness without a direct response mechanism is quite silly.

I guess we’ll see. Join me on Superbowl Sunday on Twitter to discuss the ads as they happen. Let’s use #sb09ads.