Will Star Power Bring Yahoo More Mobile, Online Ad Revenue?

Will Star Power Bring Yahoo More Mobile, Online Ad RevenueKatie Couric is the new face of Yahoo’s news division and, beginning next year, will serve as global anchor of Yahoo News.

Couric’s role will be both on air and behind the scenes, Ad Age reports.

She will conduct regular interviews each month that will stream on Yahoo’s properties, according to a person familiar with the matter. She will also help to develop Yahoo’s news business.

Industry watchers see the high-profile talent grab as an indication that Yahoo wants to restore itself as a “top-tier media company.”

“They’re clearly in the game. They’ve got their wallet open,” says Colin Gillis, senior technology analyst and director of research at BGC Financial.

“If they bring in well known talent, they may be able to monetize it [Yahoo’s original online and mobile content],” Gillis adds. “This [hire of Ms. Couric] is certainly the expense part of the equation. Will it drive revenue? We’ll have to see how it plays out, if her star power drags her audience over to Yahoo.”

Are you pleased with Katie Couric’s new role at Yahoo?