Will Skype Be Called Out for Planned Ad Blitz From Microsoft?

Mobile ads are coming in full force to Skype. And although Microsoft doesn’t plan for its property to annoy the masses with a new emphasis on ads, we all know how connected users feel about a sudden rush of ads in unanticipated places.

Ahead of the weekend, Microsoft told the Wall Street Journal that plans to “ramp up advertising on its Skype video-chatting service” will include so-called behavioral advertising during conversations.

According to the report in question, however, this aggressive new direction “won’t go as far as channeling ads based on what users are talking about.”

Frank Holland, the man in charge of Microsoft’s advertising-sales arm, confirmed to the WSJ that Microsoft and Skype have “no plans to do that,” adding that such a move would be widely taken as “creepy.”

Skype is planning to use information it has about its users—such as their interests and locations—to show targeted ads, said Mr. Holland.

Nonetheless, these Skype ads will still be “smart” and capable of targeting both people in a conversation with “interactive elements.”

A rep for Skype would only say that “future advertising plans for Skype aren’t firm at this time.

After spending $8.5 billion to acquire Skype last year, Microsoft is apparently ready to begin getting its money’s worth. And ads represent the most auspicious course of action to that end for the software giant.

So… are you uneasy or supportive with regard to Microsoft’s ad plans for Skype? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.