Will Mobile Coupons Get a Boost from Velti’s Push?

The long line of companies angling for a shot at becoming a major player in mobile coupons is getting longer with each passing today.

But can any of the wannabe coupon kings actually fuel the mobile coupon industry’s growth? Velti certainly thinks so.

The leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology has just confirmed a partnership with Infinian, a recognized big name in coupon redemption tracking.

Velti says the effort is aimed at providing marketers a complete and seamless end-to-end mobile solution.

From coupon creation and distribution tools, to in-store redemption and targeted marketing, the partnership helps consumers and brands engage on an entirely new level.

“This partnership extends mobile marketing to the in-store experience,” says Jonathan Knight, CEO at Infinian. “The data we collect by closing the loop on loyalty transactions, coupon distribution and redemption allows Velti to help brands better understand purchase behavior and therefore deliver more relevant offers and promotions to consumers on a true 1:1 basis.”

Velti said Monday that the initiative is just getting underway and that the initial focus in rolling out the platform will be at some of consumers’ favorite quick-service restaurants around the country.

So which leading brands might get roped in? If it’s an clue, Infinian already works with the likes of Outback, McDonald’s, and Burger King.