Will Mobile Apps Help Fight Crime in The Future?

On the heels of a new report showing that the popularity if iDevices among criminals is single-handedly driving New York City crime rates higher, a new report shows that mobile technology – and apps in particular – might be very helpful in fighting crime in the future.

Case in point: a town in Virginia is turning to the iOS and Android platforms to take a bite out of crime.

The Marion Police Department in Virginia is now encouraging residents to report crime through a new app the department launched.

Called iWatch Marion, the free app supposedly gives citizens “an easy method to report potential crimes.”

Lt. Andrew Moss tells The Bristol Herald Courier that residents are able to report crimes and suspicious activities to authorities. Residents can even send photos and videos. In addition, users can sign up for text alerts, including weather reports, school closings, missing children, and more.

Do you think mobile apps house the potential to help mitigate crime or facilitate swifter justice when crimes are committed?