Wiley Turns Mobile Marketing Into a Page Turner

9781118828427_MF2.inddThe team at Wiley is behind a new book that some are calling a must-read for mobile marketers.

With 75% of the world’s population having access to a mobile phone, marketers are scrambling to understand how consumers might invite them onto their devices. For that reason, Wiley and digital communications expert Tom Eslinger have produced a new book titled “Mobile Magic.”

In the new highly topical tome, Eslinger – Worldwide Creative Director of Digital at Saatchi & Saatchi – offers a “roadmap” for creating effective mobile marketing campaigns.

“Mobile is the fastest-growing arena of marketing, but it is also is a space that can be intimidating for all types of business because the customer is in total control and brands have to be invited in,” says Eslinger. “We’ve pulled back the curtain and show that it doesn’t need to be scary. Start with a creative idea, understand the executional options, manage your budget and resources, and plan for every step of the process. We think businesses are going to get a lot out of Mobile Magic.”

According to the venerable publishing house behind the new work, Mobile Magic provides a bird’s-eye view of the process of creating great mobile marketing.

To see what the “magic” is all about, check out the new book on Wiley’s website here.