Wiki Brings Marketers, Providers Together Under The Mobile Banner

Mobile marketing may have been proving its efficacy over the last few years. But for old-school marketers, the platform might seem a little too cutting-edge–more anime, less Disney cartoon. They don’t know where, or how, to enter the space and start deploying campaigns.

That’s where a new wiki,, comes in. WikiMobiPedia aims to “provide a centralized, dynamic resource for buyers of mobile marketing, advertising and related products and services–so that they can easily access the information they need to begin the purchase process.”

WikiMobiPedia creator Jamie Wells tells us, “With our space moving so fast, I felt the industry would benefit from a place that “keeps up with mobile,so you don’t have to”… So far I’ve got most of the major mobile players involved–over 50 companies–in less than a month.”

As of this week, the site’s beta partners include AdMob, ComScore, HipCricket, the Mobile Marketing Association, Nokia, and Washington Post Digital. You see the entire list on WikiMobiPedia’s homepage.