WidSets Mobile Web-Content Widgets. Mobile 2.0?

WidSets is a company that provides simple widgets that are designed to pull your favorite content online to your mobile device in an easily updated, and easily readable form. It allows you to organize your content, and even create new widgets based on the information or apps that are important to you. They currently offer over 4000 pre-configured widgets in over 56 languages, and is currently accessible on over 300 phone models. As WidSets themselves explains it;

“…With WidSets you can get your favorite web content straight to your mobile phone. Find news and information, stay in touch with email and blogs, play games, share pictures and more. WidSets uses mini-applications called widgets to push updates from your favorite sites directly to your phone. Why waste time surfing for information when WidSets can do it for you…”

WidSets has recently partnered with Nokia Interactive, Nokia’s international mobile advertising provider, to offer banner advertising in the widgets themselves as well as user’s online dashboards. In almost two years, their user-base has grown to over 6 million users, making them very desirable for advertisers. With the partnership with Nokia, WidSets has opened up their network to a wide array of international Media and Internet brands. Since the service is free to use, advertising is key, and WidSets felt that Nokia global advertising reach was the perfect fit.