Why Your Mobile Email Marketing Needs Video… Now

Why Your Mobile Email Marketing Needs Video... NowIf you’re not generating the buzz, attention, and engagement you’d like to see from your mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns, video may be the solution you’re seeking.

Recently, Reel SEO partnered with Flimp Media and the Web Video Marketing Council to poll hundreds of marketers on their efforts to punch up their email marketing efforts.

The findings showed that video is “widely accepted as effective,” but only six out of ten marketers are harnessing the power and potential of video in their campaigns.

For customer outreach, visuals are key—and an increasing number of companies are integrating video email marketing as part of their overall strategy. The proof is in the numbers: 82 percent of marketers say they view video as an effective tool, with 34 percent rating it as “very” effective.

“Video within a marketing email has had a positive impact on prospect purchases and conversion rates for more than 60 percent of surveyed marketers, although 35 percent had yet to be convinced,” Reel SEO said, according to a new report from Content Standard.

So, are you convinced that video works in email marketing and are you planning to ramp up the use of video in your campaigns next year?