Why Your Digital Marketing Shouldn't Ignore 'Silver Surfers'

Why Your Digital Marketing Shouldn't Ignore 'Silver Surfers'Today, digital marketers are stepping up their efforts to rope in prospective customers from practically every demographic there is.

But according to the latest industry data, aging Americans are quickly becoming the most overlooked group of consumers.

And that’s a monumental marketing mistake. Baby boomers, as it turns out, are not only among the biggest spenders in the country today, they are also connected to the Internet in record numbers.

All told, there’s a perfect storm brewing for digital marketing success with what some have labeled “silver surfers,” the grey-haired consumers that may very well be more receptive to your digital marketing efforts than you ever believed possible.

Just how big of a role do these “silver surfers” play in eCommerce? Check out the infographic shared below to learn more.

infoSource: Accredited-Online-College.org